December 4, 2023

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Trask is getting his shot, but it’s from half-court blindfolded

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Kyle Trask vs Titans / courtesy of

A very steep and slippery uphill road for Kyle Trask.

The statements One Buc put out after drafting Kyle Trask in the second round in 2021 sounded spot on. Trask would sit and learn from the greatest quarterback ever to play the game until Brady decided to hang them up, and then Kyle would step in and take over. It didn’t take long after seeing the team deactivate Trask in the regular season that even if he were learning from Jesus himself, without actually getting onto the field to play. There was no way that he would be ready when Brady moved on. I realized early on that he would be at a disadvantage in just about any competition with a veteran quarterback with experience. When a team drafts you in the first two rounds, you figure that you will be given the chance to win or lose the job during the regular season. In other words, give you the keys to the offense and let you run it. The chance to win or lose the position is based on your own merit. The same chance that Winston and many other quarterbacks in Tampa have had. The Bucs have, in the past, given the starting quarterback role to players like Chris Simms, Mike Gradkowski, Brian Griese, Craig Erickson, Mike Glennon, and Mike Shula, among others. All of those players were chosen after the spot where Kyle Trask was selected. Yet, all of them were given the chance to win or lose the job in the regular season. The opportunity that Trask will never get in Tampa.

More Mayfield’s job to lose than a competition.

Baker Mayfield has had moments in the spotlight. He has, at times, played well. Never consistent enough to cement himself as the regular starter for any real length of time, as it has turned out. Enough for Mayfield to have passed for over 16,000 yards and over 100 touchdowns. The experience that Mayfield has versus Trask’s is going to be more than enough to win the job, in my opinion. Trask would have to play nearly flawlessly as well as make big plays with little to no interceptions. While Trask is hypothetically playing almost perfectly, Mayfield would also have to have some bad games to lose what the Bucs have already decided, that he and not Trask will lead the team in 2023.

Moving on after 2024?

It’s not impossible that Kyle Trask could win the job; it’s just extremely unlikely. If you have high hopes for Trask, realize that he will most assuredly do it for another NFL team, not the Bucs. Trask’s rookie contract will be up next season (2024), and chances are he won’t be able to get out of here fast enough. I sure couldn’t blame the young man for wanting to go to a team that will actually give him the chance to be the starter and not just pay lip service to it. The Bucs are not known as a team that develops talent very well and this is one example of why. I’m hoping Trask will find a way to outplay Mayfield this pre-season and become the captain of this ship, but I won’t be holding my breath. We shall see soon enough. No matter who wins the job, I just hope they come into their own and bring more wins than losses. Go Bucs!!