September 29, 2023

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Is this free agent quarterback a perfect fit for the Bucs in 2023?

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Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew speaks during a news conference after an NFL football game against the Denver Broncos, Sunday, Sept. 29, 2019, in Denver. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Not a lot of buzz surrounding this possible gem who wore Eagles green in 2022

Alright, Bucs Fans, don’t lose your minds and curse me under your breath as you read this. Keep an open mind and consider what could be. I mentioned this quarterback’s name in a recent article, and he was immediately labeled trash by several readers. It doesn’t take long to learn when you are a Bucs writer or a fan posting an opinion on Social Media. You are going to get pelted by haters almost without exception. You have an idea that is different from what mainstream sports media is putting out, and get ready to duck. It just comes with the territory. Once you accept this actuality, the skin will thicken. It certainly isn’t going to stop me from saying what I believe to be true. If this were a world built to my specs, not only would everyone be frothing in anticipation of anything I write, but they would also with much exuberance; watch the game film on Mr. Minshew and see the fire and determination he brings. The throws that he can make, along with his quick mind when on the move. The Dallas loss from this past season shows a lot that he can bring. He was intercepted twice while going 24 of 40 for 355 yds and two touchdowns. The Eagles had 4 turnovers in total; as can be expected, they were the difference in the game. You get a feel for what he can bring to a big-time NFL shootout, I was impressed with the throws that he delivered spot-on. They reek of a player on the next level. Don’t take my word for it; see for yourself: every Minshew –  run and throw from the game. His performance in the game, in the end, fell short, but you can gain perspective from it.

This isn’t the time to deepen the hole we’re in

If you are reading this, then it indicates you are probably more than a casual fan, and you are well aware of the huge 55 million the team is over the cap for 2023. One Buc has stated that they are going to do their best to put a win-now team on the field. In my opinion, that would, and will, be a big mistake. True, there were key injuries in 2022, but one must imagine that even last year’s team will have more stars on the field than any version fielded in 2023. Then minus a very large goat from the equation, and you can see where I’m going with this. While the “Dave Canales era” as offensive coordinator is still in its infancy, it remains to be seen if he can retool the offense into a unit that can return to the playoffs. Anything short of that would be a failure and a waste of valuable time and resources. The all-in, win-now strategies have already been played out over the last three seasons. Every decision was made with no concern for the future. That strategy decision was consciously made to meet a desired end. That end was realized with the Bucs’ second Lombardi Trophy. It was almost realized for our third in 2021 short of a very bad Todd Bowles defensive call against the Rams in the NFC Championship game. Those decisions played out, and that window is now closed. What’s missing is the commitment to the right decisions that should be made: for where we are after the win-now decisions (you still with me?). It’s nowhere near as fun and takes some time to play itself out, but make no mistake about it, an extensive rebuild is the right decision at this stage. Common good sense says it’s much more than likely the only call that should be made. Of course, Jason Licht & company may have some sell-their-souls battle plan that is going to slingshot this team back into being a playoff-caliber group of Buccaneers. The goal is another Super Bowl, and I don’t see how a 9 to 10-win season is anything to waste time on. Nobody at One Buc wants to admit that the rise to greatness is on the downside of the hill and picking up speed quickly. The focus must now be getting back to greatness and the pain that involves.

The Trask at hand

I said all of the above to visit this point. I said earlier that every decision, during the last three seasons, was made with no concern for the future. I lied; there was one decision made exclusively with the future in mind. That being the drafting of Kyle Trask. The stated plan was to allow Trask to learn from the anointed one for two seasons and then take over when Brady left. Well, he’s gone, and it’s time to stick to the plan. Give the keys to Trask and Dave Canales, the latter having fueled a resurgence of Geno Hayes’s career in Seattle. I said a couple of weeks ago that the perfect scenario for Trask was for the Bucs to bring in a developer of quarterbacks for their vacant offensive coordinator’s job. This has since come to pass the only thing left is to give him the damn ball, with Gardner Minshew as an affordable backup in case the Trask plan fails. Go, Trask, Go, Minshew, Go Bucs!!

Just in case you’re interested, you will find a comical video of the endearing Gardner Minshew. He’s quite a fella.