September 29, 2023

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Brady: “F–k That”

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AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Make all the excuses you want for why the Buccaneers are struggling. The fact is this, though: Tom Brady just is not playing at the elite level he once did. This is not just about the number of injuries stacking up on this team, and it’s not just about the terrible coaching that has been taking place this season. It is time for everybody; who has been claiming that Tom Brady can do no wrong to finally admit that Brady is a shell of himself on the football field.

Brady’s timing with his receivers is off, his decision-making has not been as sharp as it usually is, he clearly isn’t focused, he’s been missing wide-open receivers on multiple occasions, and his killer instinct is not there anymore. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he lost his family and that has been distracting him, but if that is the case, he has no one to blame but himself because that is the choice that he made. His passion and his desire to play and win may be starting to diminish.

In an article written in the New York Post by Jeremy Layton, Brady is quoted as saying, “Some things I don’t give a f—k about, at this point,” Brady said, half-smiling, according to the report. “F—k that. I’m going home.” Now, there are reports out there that claim that he was talking about noticeably leaving the stadium without taking a shower after the game, but either way, it is clear that Brady is fed up and just doesn’t care as much anymore.

When asked about how his fans reacted to the defeat, Brady was again straightforward with his answer. “I’m sure they left, is what they did,” Brady said. “I don’t want them out there in this s—t. It was horrible. We sucked.”

The Bucs still lead in the NFC South Division and can still make the playoffs, but even if that happens, I wouldn’t count on the Bucs to make a run. I also would not bank on Tom Brady returning to Tampa for another season with the Bucs. If he does decide to play in 2023, he will most likely go to a team with a much better chance to win now.