September 29, 2023

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Father time is going to have to wait for Tom Brady

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Tom Brady via Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Taking a step back.

In my latest article on Tom Brady, I questioned whether his age had finally caught up to him. I wrote this during the Saints game, and except for the last three minutes, I was spot on. Once again, Mr. Brady has defied the odds and my questions about him. In that article, I explained that when his age caught up to him, it wasn’t going to be an all-at-once thing. It would be a few misses here and a few there. Then, on whatever timeline, it would start to increase. His long ball this season has appeared to me to be off compared to the last two. I think it’s fair to say that his play this season has made one wonder if the process has started. Judging from 14 points in 3 minutes, I would now say that he definitely still has the “It” factor.

Where has Evans’ hookup gone?

I also based it on the fact that his successful connection with Mike Evans has seemingly disappeared in 2022. So much, in fact, that Evans is in danger of losing his 1000-yard seasons streak. The play of the offensive line has been awful. Donovan Smith, Brady’s left tackle, has been like a Disney turnstile this season after only allowing one sack; all of last season. His holding penalty almost doomed the comeback in the Saints game. Considering all that, Brady has still had time to throw the ball on a good percentage of downs and just hasn’t connected on some crucial throws.

Waiting to make a more solid evaluation, but I think I will wait until the season’s end to make a final judgment on Brady’s play.

This season has been too upside-down to be sure of the state of Tom Brady at this point. I thought it was safe to say his play has diminished because it’s been a while since he made such a dramatic comeback. Then came the almost impossible comeback in the Saints game, proving to this writer once again to never count out the GOAT. Forgive me Bucs’ fans, I stand corrected. Go Bucs!!