December 4, 2023

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Ryan Jensen: Real Expectation

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Ryan Jensen (66) Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

I know there have been a lot of conflicting reports lately about the status of Buccaneers’ Center Ryan Jensen. There has been a false sense of hope given to many fans that he was expected to return by Week 9 or 10. Well, that came and went, didn’t it? Everyone has a source it seems. My source is actually a pretty good one and a really good friend! There are reports that the Bucs do not expect him back anytime soon, and they shouldn’t. The mystery surrounding what his injury is, his progression, and when he may return has been a bit odd. But this isn’t any normal injury.

Although I may not disclose the actual injury at this time, I can tell you that it was severe. Multiple tears in his knee, along with other damage, will likely keep the veteran out for the remainder of the 2022 season. This is the REAL EXPECTATION. If he comes back sooner than next season, it will be a miracle. His doctor believed surgery was not necessary to repair ligaments as it could have had the possibility of the veteran missing a lot more time or not healing correctly. You definitely want him to heal the best that he can. You saw him early on walking around without a cast, and at times, without a brace, which will allow his knee to heal naturally, which is what you want to have to happen with your veteran center.

As of now, the word is he is continuing to heal very well, but there is no update as to whether or not he has entered intense rehabilitation yet. So as far as him coming back sooner than expected, I can’t say. From what I know of the injury, I certainly would not count on it, even for the playoffs.

Once the gruesome details of his injury emerge, all will be put into perspective, and no matter when his return happens, one thing will be known for sure; Ryan Jensen is a beast and will have overcome one hell of an injury. I wish I could tell you more about the severity of his injury, but you will have to wait. Trust me, it was very bad.