September 29, 2023

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Bucs Beat Falcons 21-15

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Bucs narrowly escape with a divisional win and sole possession of the NFC South

Let’s be honest about this game. We won, but we had luck on our side. 

Our offense isn’t producing the way that it should be, but it has managed. The Buccaneers have truly left so many points out on the field to begin the season. Scotty gets a pass this week; because, for once, he actually caught some passes and had a great chance at another with a missed pass interference call. M1K3 was once again the G.O.A.T. that we know he is.

We just somehow couldn’t score in the second half. Without that lucky roughing the passer call that killed every bit of Atlanta’s momentum, the Buccaneers may have been playing defense to stop the Falcons from a potential game-winning score. Our play-calling is completely lackluster. Whose feet do you hold to the fire? Most people are pointing fingers at Byron Leftwich, but could it indeed be Tom Brady?

I can’t give our defense a pass this week, at least not when it pertains to the run defense. We’re missing Suh. Vita is taking all of the double teams that Suh had in past seasons. Hicks has been for our defense the way that Julio has for our offense..not worth it. Without another big guy in that rotation, our run defense hasn’t been the same. We’ve given up over 100+ yards rushing in 3 straight games. It’s like roles have reversed on the blueprint against us. Our pass defense is stout. Against the run? It’s a field day for teams. Mariota reminded the Bucs of his ability.

If I was Jason Licht, I’d release Julio and Hicks; call Suh and bring him back. He’s needed in Tampa more than OBJ, although it’d be great to have them both.

Now, it’s time to get ready to travel to Pittsburgh to take on a Steelers team that was embarrassed by the Bills 38-3.


Featured Image Credit: Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Twitter