June 7, 2023

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Bucs Win NFC South Again? Chris Simms Says, Yes!

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Chris Simms via USA Today

It is very possible that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers repeat as the NFC South champions in 2022. In fact, former Buccaneers QB Chris Simms makes me feel like you can take it to the bank!

In an article on JoeBucsFan.com, titled: “Chris Simms Predicts Bucs Repeat As Division Champs“, the Bucs’ former signal caller states, “I’m expecting 11-6, maybe they get upset and go 10-7.” Simms said on his Unbuttoned podcast.

The absence of Rob Gronkowski and Antonio Brown are major factors for Simms, as is the loss of Tom Brady in training camp (for other players, not Brady) along with a new head coach, overhype of Julio Jones, and the Bucs’ schedule.

Simms also said, “You just don’t seamlessly transition to a new head coach and say, ‘Hey, we’re back to the Super Bowl,” before noting fans should “pump the brakes” on thinking Julio will be anything more than “a nice target” and not the Falcons version. Personally, I hope he’s wrong about that and can provide enough production to help the Bucs make a deep playoff run, especially if injuries start to pile up.

The good news is Simms thinks the Bucs very likely could be better than their record when the playoffs roll around.

I have the Bucs ending up with a better record than what Simms has predicted, but we’ll see what happens. Go Bucs! Fire the cannons!