September 27, 2023

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Kyle Trask comes back down to Earth just one week later

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Kyle Trask (2) vs Titans via

Success is Fleeting

After the first Pre-Season game, which saw Trask lead the team back into contention for a possible win over Miami, he looked just as underwhelming in game 2 against the Titans. Last week Trask was 25/33 for 258 yards, a touchdown, and an interception against the Dolphins. Exactly one week later, those numbers changed to 11/24 for 105 yards and an interception. The offense was lucky to get out of Nashville with a 52-yard Ryan Succop field goal. The Offense overall was lethargic and couldn’t get much going all night. It wasn’t all on Kyle Trask. If you look at the coverages and blocking, you would see that the Titans did a lot right on defense. This is the NFL, and results are the name of the game.

The truth lies somewhere in the middle

It would be more of a surprise if Trask didn’t have some of these moments at the very beginning of his career. It may be overstated, but in order to get better and learn, you kind of have to have these types of outings. You shouldn’t allow yourself as a fan to get too carried away with either kind of game result. At this stage, they are seldom as great or as bad as they seem. The truth lies somewhere in the middle. To what end is as of “yet to be determined.”

Another chance on the way at Indianapolis

We all will get another look at Kyle Trask when they travel to Indianapolis to play a very good Colts team next Saturday (27th at 7:30 pm, local ch. 8 WFLA TV). Whether he plays lights out or shuts out the lights, remains to be seen. Either way, it’s just another game along the way to where he will be when it’s his time. Fans have never been much for patience when it comes to young quarterbacks trying to take the reins from successful veterans. Being that our veteran is Tom Brady, it makes that day when it finally comes even tougher for a young athlete trying to cement his place into a starting quarterback’s job in the NFL. Just remember, folks, he may be an unproven quarterback trying to find his way, but he’s our young Bucs quarterback so let’s support him as we should all of our players. Just a note, but another of our young players’ wide receiver Tyler Johnson has been having a great camp and preseason. He’s a guy I liked since they called his name. Go Bucs!!