September 27, 2023

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Fournette has a preference when it comes to his monikers

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Leonard Fournette (7) Tampa Bay Buccaneers / Indianapolis Colts /

It seems that sports stars, whether good or bad, earn nicknames from play-by-play men and fans. During the playoffs leading up to the 2021 Super Bowl win, Fournette took a step up and performed well on the way to the Buc’s home win in the big game. So it didn’t take long, at all, to start hearing nicknames like “Playoff Lenny” and “Lombardi Lenny” get thrown the veteran running back’s way.

During the 2021 season versus the Colts, the Bucs were losing 24-14 at half-time, and Fournette noticed the team was down and seemed to lack energy/motivation. So he stepped up and addressed the team. Fournette recalls what he said that day.“I’m like, man, you have to have a will and a want. You have to be willing to risk everything play-by-play. You have to want to win, want to fight each and every play. I think they understood that message and came out and played their lights out.” The Bucs came out after half-time, and in the first series, Shaq Barrett recorded a strip-sack to stop the drive. Two touchdowns and an interception later, the Bucs were sitting with a 28-24 lead. When the final seconds ticked off the clock, the Bucs had won 38-31. That day, Fournette also became Locker Room Lenny!!

Fournette recently appeared on the Rich Eisen show and made his favorite moniker known. He told Eisen, “Let’s go with Lombardi Lenny.” He established for everyone the nickname he preferred. When you get nicknames like that, it’s hard to not like them ⁠— all of them, which he does ⁠— he just prefers the aforementioned. Fournette was recently seen walking from his car to the practice facility and quickly picked up the nickname “Wide Load Lenny”. Please forgive me; I could not help myself. Fournette is an asset to the Bucs when healthy, without a doubt. So here’s to Lenny getting into game shape and returning to his top form. Go Bucs!!