September 25, 2023

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Brady addresses rumors and conspiracy theories

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Tom Brady via Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

What follows are some quotes from quarterback Tom Brady about rumors that have been in the air this pre-season concerning him.

Returning to football in 2022/coming out of a short-lived retirement

“It feels like a long time ago. A lot has happened between now and then. It was just a lot of different things. It was a while ago. I feel like I’ve kind of moved past that point, to be honest. But I’m happy I’m back with my teammates. It’s going to be a great year. We’re going to work really hard. We have high expectations for what we are trying to accomplish. We’ve got a lot of good players – it doesn’t matter much – we’ve got to go out and do it. We’ve got to go earn it. We’ve got some competitive practices coming up. I’m most excited about this team and what we can try to accomplish.”

Considering the very tough schedule, the Bucs know that there is little room for error. Losing games and proclaiming they will get them next week isn’t going to work. They have to be in every game and give themselves a shot to win it in the end. That intensity level has to stay high. There just are not games that they can lose and say we will get this turned around in practice and come back stronger next week. They truly are playing the very best in the league, and if they cannot beat most all of those opponents and gain momentum as they go, It’s going to be a very long season. One thing I can say is they have the right leader/quarterback to navigate us through the storm that is the 2022 season. It’s going to take a personal dedication and a strong conviction to succeed this season, as so many NFL Teams have gotten better and have their sights set on the same prize as we do. The Bucs could sure take a lesson from the never say die Lightning, who have very surprisingly reached the Stanley Cup Finals for the third year in a row. Those Bolts have had a vision and a very unwavering belief that this is their Cup to lose, and so it has gone for them so far.

Did the rumor of turmoil between him and Arians bother him?

“See, I don’t read a lot of them. There are a lot of things that aren’t right that are said. I think the thing is – you try and come out and respond to everything that is not right [but] we don’t have to be right very often. We just have to be right every so often these days. I think if people click on it, then you read more of it, and obviously, they’re clicking on it, so it’s what people want and what is talked about. It may not be accurate, and that’s O.K. – I don’t make every pass either. I don’t complete every pass, so I understand not everyone can get it right all of the time.”

Well, he danced all around answering that one directly and definitively. He does, though, lead you to believe he’s denying that clickbait rumor. Personally, I believe that both men are above the petty things that can start problems between a player and coach. Neither became great going down the wrong roads that stir up bad feelings. If Brady never had serious problems with Belichick over his twenty years in Foxboro. I don’t see him getting into it with Arians in less than three in Tampa.

Was Brady interested in joining the Dolphins Organization in any capacity?

“Again, I had a lot of conversations with a lot of people as I’ve had for the last three or four years in my career about different opportunities when I am done playing football. I kind of made a decision of what I’d like to do. I’ll get to be in the game of football. I think the most important thing is where I’m at now and what I hope to do for this team. That has been my commitment to this team and organization. It’s been so much fun [since] I came here two years ago. It’s been almost two and a half years now, and it’s been an incredible part of my football journey. It’s not over – we’ve still got a lot to accomplish. I’ve got a long life ahead, and there are a lot of fun things to do ahead. I’m looking forward to what’s ahead in football. But at the same time, none of us are promised much beyond what we have now, and this is the current moment. I’m really excited about going out there and trying to compete and win a championship.”

 Looking at the first sentence of the quote above kind of sums it up for me. He was looking into different options before he ever decided to become a Buccaneer. He knew that what had been the norm for so long in New England would probably come to an end. His situation would be changing in the near future. So it’s not surprising to me that there could have been several situations that he was considering. As it played out, though, the Buccaneers became where he wanted to be, and that’s where he is. The rest is a bunch of stuff under a bridge he never crossed. Putting too much speculation into what did or did not transpire is a waste of time. The reality is after wrapping up his legendary career as a Buccaneer, he’s going to be in the broadcast booth sitting on a big pile of money and adding to his legacy. Right now, it’s time to get ready for a brutal NFL schedule and try to get that eighth ring. I’m just glad he’s a Buccaneer for at least one more season. Go Bucs!!