September 25, 2023

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Will Rob Gronkowski Play in 2022?

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Rob Gronkowski via

Tom Brady is back, and normally that means so is Rob Gronkowski, but the veteran tight end has yet to commit to playing anywhere. Gronk has been seen on video telling folks in a barbershop that he is going to make his pal Tom Brady sweat like he made everyone else sweat with his retirement, but said that there is a very good chance that he would return to play the season with his long time quarterback and friend. Gronks’ agent Drew Rosenhaus recently stated that the 11-year vet was undecided. JC Cornell confirmed this to be true on Saturday, April 2nd.


Despite rumors of multiple teams reaching out to Gronk and most likely willing to back a Brinks truck up to his door, the question with Gronk was always whether or not he was playing again this season; it was never where. Gronk being 50/50 on his return to the NFL makes sense, and he sure is making a lot of people sweat, much like Tom Brady did for over a month. Mission accomplished Gronk. Now, let’s get back to work.


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