December 6, 2023

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Tom Brady Denies Shawn Hochuli’s Claims.

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During Sundays Divisional Playoff game Tom Brady was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct by referee Shawn Hochuli which resulted in a 15-yard penalty. Following a play in which the Rams’ defender Von Miller incidentally hit the veteran quarterback in the side of the facemask, Brady became visually upset and seen screaming into the face of the NFL referee. Hochuli was later said, according to NBC Sports’ Mike Florio, that Brady: “got in my face in an aggressive manner and used abusive language.” However, on the Let’s Go Podcast, Tom Brady denied Hochuli’s accusation.

 “The referees have a difficult job, but at the same time, the players have a difficult job, too. If I feel like they miss a call, I want to let the guy know. I’ve done that literally a thousand times over the course of my career and never got called, and in this instance, before I could realize it, the flag was thrown. I was looking at the guy like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ I didn’t cuss. I didn’t do any of those things.” 

Brady went on to explain that although he wanted the flag thrown at Miller, he found it comical that it was thrown at himself instead and cited that it was the first time in 22 years of playing in the NFL that he had ever been flagged for such a thing.

“I obviously felt like I got hit on the chin, and I felt like he missed, in the end, a clear penalty. So, I screamed at him to throw the flag, and he did; but I guess I need to be more specific with who he needs to throw the flag on. So, I’ve got a nice bruise under my chin. It’s part of football, and we overcame it. It is the first time in 22 years to get flagged. That was pretty comical to me.”

The season is over for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and now the NFL world awaits a decision from Tom Brady on whether or not he will be back for his 23rd season or hang it up for good and spend his time hanging out with his family.


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