September 29, 2023

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Brady Sends Surprise Gift To Cancer Survivor

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Tom Brady (12) via

Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady opens his heart and gifts 10-year old brain cancer survivor Noah Reeb and his family something special; Super Bowl tickets.

For over the past 20 years, Tom Brady has raised 100s of millions of dollars for various charities all over the country. His kind heart has never been in question.

How did Tom Brady help Noah Reeb beat this terrible disease?

According to an article by E-News, Noah’s mother Jacque posted a video in March of Tom Brady giving the 10-year-old boy words of encouragement. Brady said in the video, “I just want to let you know, I’m thinking about you. I’m with you. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family; hang tough. You’re going to be great, I know it. And get well soon. Take care.”

“Tom Brady helped me beat cancer.”

Of course, Noah went on to beat brain cancer and later caught the attention of Tom Brady during the October 24th routing of the Chicago Bears in Tampa, Florida. Tom Brady walked over to the stands where 10-year old cancer survivor Noah Reeb was standing with a sign that read, “Tom Brady helped me beat brain cancer.” A quick exchange of words ensued, and then Brady took off his hat and handed it to Noah. Noah then puts Tom Brady’s hat on his head in a heart-filled moment that will never be forgotten by either one of them, or the many fans that witnessed this.

Tom Brady discussed with the media during an October 28th address following practice for the game versus the Saints on Halloween. Brady said:

“I said after the game, too, we all have different times and chances to do different things, and we’re asked different things. And I had sent Noah a video; I didn’t know he was actually at the game. Chris Godwin had come over and told me, ‘Hey, behind the bench there’s a little boy. Look over.’ So, I kind of caught a glimpse, and I just headed over there. I saw his dad, and his dad said, ‘This is Noah that you made a video for him earlier this year.’ Anyway, just good to see him, and I’m happy he’s doing really well. That’s what the best part about it is. He was at the game, his dad did something really cool, brought him there, and it was a cool moment for the family, a cool moment for me. It really puts everything in perspective, with our family and our health and the things that matter the most. I’m glad we can entertain some people, and I’m glad we can lift some people’s spirits from time to time. It’s nice for us all to be able to do those different types of things.”

He continued, “I mean, I think everything – absolutely everything. People are dealt different cards in life, and everyone’s trying to do the best they can. And it’s very challenging for a lot of families that are dealing certainly, with kids that are going through very difficult situations like that, like Noah was. And over the years, I’ve gotten a chance to meet different children and participate in different events. Make-A-Wish – I’ve done a lot of Make-A-Wish events over the years. But things like that, I think that we all can look forward to giving back to the things in our community and the people that are going through really tough times. As much as I think we give to them, in the end, they give back to us, too. It’s really inspirational to see what these kids go through, and you think, ‘Man, what we do in football is so easy compared to dealing with situations like Noah’s.”

People often see these larger than life characters on their TV screens, or at a distance. The players in the NFL frequently astound us with their feats of athletic excellence, moments that live for ever in history. Often, we forget that the players are just like us, people with hopes, dreams, ambitions.

Stories like the one between Brady and Noah hopefully remind us that some things are just bigger than the game. We all wish Noah a speedy recovery, and I’m sure the Buccaneers will be extra motivated to make the Super Bowl a memorable experience, celebrating another Title in Champa Bay.












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