September 25, 2023

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Carlton Davis “Looking Good” in Practice

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Carlton Davis via

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been plagued by injuries all season in different areas of the team, but no area had been hit as hard as the secondary.

First, the Buccaneers lost Sean Murphy-Bunting in the NFL season kick-off game, then lost Carlton Davis in Week 4 versus the Patriots, then lost Richard Sherman and Rashard Robinson, the Bucs can’t catch a break.
During last week’s game against the Indianapolis Colts, the Buccaneers may have strolled out of Lucas Feild with a win, but the team also took another loss in the secondary.

Jamel Dean suffered a shoulder injury in the Week 12 win and luckily avoided any type of structural damage; however, he is limited in practice this week and could sit out during the game against the Falcons in Week 13. Sean Murph-Bunting had returned from injured reserve a few weeks ago and has been detrimental to the success of the secondary.

Carlton Davis is set to return very soon, maybe in this week against Atlanta. What a relief that would be for the team suffering so many setbacks in the secondary. Davis suffered a quad strain while playing on special teams in Week 4 versus the Patriots and the recovery time was 2-4 weeks, which would have placed him returning after the bye week. Why he is still out now that the team is heading into Week13? You will just have to wonder for yourselves. I’m keeping my mouth shut on this one.

Bucs head coach was asked if there was any chance that the team could get any injured players back this week ahead game against the Falcons, and he replied, “Yeah, there’s a good chance. Carlton looked real good again today. This week, last week – his volume is picking up a little bit.

Having Davis back on the field will certainly place the Buccaneers where they need to be — at least in the secondary.