November 28, 2021

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Updates on Sean Murphy-Bunting and Scotty Miller

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Sean Murphy-Bunting via

Scotty Miller and Sean Murphy-Bunting were recently designated to return to practice and given a 21-day window to return to the active roster. The 21-day window gives them more than enough time to find out if they can return or not, but more importantly, it does give the two payers a chance to prove something to themselves.

Miller and Murphy-Bunting haven’t done much in practice aside from running around in an attempt to get their legs back and workout the staleness from sitting on IR. But for the young men and the team, it is a big deal. Both of these players were believed to be out until next season — that may very well still be the case, but there is always a chance they both fully return. So it does look promising.

During Wednesday’s practice, they both were out there in a limited capacity, but their daily progression is speeding up, and the Bucs will do everything they can to make sure they are ready to go when needed.
Bucs’ head coach Bruce Arians addressed members of the media following Wednesday’s practice and brushed the topic of the two player’s progression:

“Running around is fine. Playing football is a different thing. I’ve got to go watch the tape on Sean. He wouldn’t use his arm Monday, and we’ll see how he did today. There’s really no rush to get them back out on the field; just make sure they’re practicing and ready to go when we put them out there. Scotty ran around good, so it looks good for him, too”, Arians continued addressing what he saw differently between Monday and Wednesday, “I was worried about Scotty on the turf the other day — and we limited him, but on the grass he looked fine. Both of them looked fine.”

It’s a long shot that Miller or Murphy-Bunting play this week in Washington, but it seems they are progressing nicely, although slowly, but could very well find themselves back in the lineup pretty soon. Thursday’s practice will provide more information on whether or not either is a go this weekend, but I wouldn’t bet the farm.