June 7, 2023

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A Banquet? Nope.

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Ricky Bell (42) - buccaneers.com

Back in 1979, I was a 13-year-old boy. I was friends with another young guy, and his Dad owned a restaurant called Guidos, and when the Bucs were (5-0), my friend’s Dad told the Buccaneers that if they went (6-0), he’d feed the entire team a meal at his restaurant!

Well, they lost the next game to the New York Giants (17-14) to have a (5-1) record, and there was obviously no feast!

My first game was with this man who owned the restaurant. The tailgate party he had was amazing! I couldn’t wait to go to my next game!

I was hooked that day and continued going to Bucs games for the rest of my life. Recently I haven’t gone to many, living here in West Michigan and Lion country.

I have been to multiple games at the Silverdome and Ford Field.

As some fans argue and debate about our teams’ inefficiencies, I must remind them that we are (6-1) and in first place in the NFC South!

Many memories flood back into my mind when this topic came up, and it is just a lot of fun winning. Isn’t it?

As always, Go Bucs!