September 24, 2022

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All Eyes on Rojo

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Ronald Jones vs Oakland- courtesy of

For the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 2020 was a great year. A very rare situation where fans, players, coaches, and office personnel could rejoice in the warmth of victory. For everyone associated with the Buccaneers, 2020 will live forever.

Ronald Jones SB LV – Courtesy of
The sunshine and magic of 2020 will always be bittersweet for Tampa Bay running back, Ronald Jones II.

After being a 2nd round draft selection, Jones II found it hard to adjust to the NFL, with a pass-first (and sometimes every down) offense adding to a frustrating rookie year for the former USC standout. Fortunately, the talent that Rojo had at his disposal was not forgotten and for 2020, the starting role was firmly grasped.

How the year started would not be a reflection of how Jones’ personal season would end. Injuries and COVID saw Jones II missing games and eventually surrendering the starting role to “Playoff Lenny”. Finishing the regular season 22 yards shy of becoming the first Buccaneers rusher to top 1000 yards since Doug Martin, stung. Spending an entire offseason with his achievements being overshadowed by the resurgence of Fournette, along with Fournette having a national profile, has made many people forget the sight of Ronald bursting into daylight and taking the ball all the way home; the longest TD in Buccaneers history.

Many might even assume that the starting job is now a foregone conclusion. For Ronald Jones II, it is anything but.

While the choice of Ronald Jones II as my player to watch this year might be surprising to some, he fully has the tools and desire to right a few personal things from 2020.