April 22, 2021

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Fournette on Brady’s Pregame Super Bowl Speech

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Credit: Mark J. Rebilas | Usa Today

Leonard Fournette recently discussed what it was running through their veins in Super Bowl LV. According to him, it was pure, un-cut motivation. Motivation put there by Tom Brady in his pregame speech.

“I got to keep it between the team, but it was a powerful-(expletive) message that we all needed to hear,” Fournette said. “I think it’s how he delivered it. … It just woke us up, it gave us the spark we needed. A lot of guys have motivation that they might be playing for the money or their family or just because they love it. But when Tom said ‘We’re playing for honor’ and for the last names on our back, I think that kind of hit different for us.” Fournette via Pardon My Take podcast

Fournette also told the Pardon my take podcast that every day leading up to the big game, Brady texted him and all his teammates three simple words, “we will win”I guess when you have won six Super Bowls (speaking of before gametime) and four MVP’s you have a tendency to get people’s attention when you give a speech about said game, or send an early morning text. With a job that pays these guys millions of dollars, It’s most often the simplest of things that can motivate them the most. The sheer emotions that don’t cost a dime. The ones that all of us can have. NFL Champion, or a clerk at 7-11. It’s always been about the simple things in all that we do. Tom Brady tapped into that common emotion and used it to help win another Super Bowl. Go Bucs!!

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