June 25, 2021

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The G.O.A.T. Makes History

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Image Credit: The Wichita Eagle | Travis Heying

The Buccaneers were active this past season, signing Antonio Brown, Rob Gronkowski and drafting several impactful rookies. Super Bowl 55 is now in the history books, and when we look back, it will say, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31 – Kansas City Chiefs 9. The Buccaneers dominated in every facet of the game: Offense, Defense, and Special teams. Make no mistake about it though, none of this is possible without the acquisition of quarterback: Tom Brady.

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr., aka THE GOAT, was brought into Tampa Bay to manage the offense and change the culture of a losing organization. When a free agent of this magnitude decides your team is where they want to be, high expectations usually follow. Brady would not only win his 7th Super Bowl in 10 attempts but also win his 5th Most Valuable Player Award. Tom Brady also joined elite company, in Peyton Manning, by winning a Super Bowl with another team.

Think about this: Brady has won 70% of the Super Bowls he has played in, which is absolutely insane to think about. If you take it one step farther to realize only two players in the history of the NFL have done it with another team, WOW! Manning and Brady have been synonymous with each other throughout their careers battling in AFC playoff games. The difference between the two prolific passers is Peyton Manning’s Super Bowl win with the Broncos was in large part because of Von Miller and the defense. Manning finished 13-23, 141 yards, and 1 interception. This was Manning’s age 44 season, so relying on the defense wasn’t a bad thing. On the other side, it could be argued that this was one of Tom Brady’s greatest Super Bowl performances, given the circumstances of Covid 19 all season long. Brady went 21-29, 201 yards, 3 touchdowns, and 0 interceptions. Brady would accomplish this in his age 43 season.

The Buccaneers and Tom Brady will be back in the 2021-22 season looking to defend their championship, but it won’t be an easy task. Most teams have already begun retooling in order to accomplish what the Buccaneers did this past season. Enjoy it Tampa Bay fans because we haven’t been able to celebrate this way in a very long time. FIRE THE CANNONS!

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