October 17, 2021

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Put Some Respect on the Name

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AP Photo/Jason Behnken

For fans, pundits, press, and talking heads outside of Tampa, this Super Bowl was hyped as a blowout. The Buccaneers just wouldn’t be able to cope with so many weapons. Mahomes was coming to take the torch.

All the talk leading up to the game was about that first quarter in week 12.

What is so often forgotten in that week 12 defeat, the last of the Buccaneers 20/21 season, was the remaining three quarters belonged to Tampa Bay

Those 3 quarters would provide the blueprint for possibly one of the most dominating displays in a Super Bowl.

From start to finish the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense was ruthlessly efficient, the defense were outright nasty. One of the brightest young talents in the NFL was running for his life several times. As the Buccaneers defense left the field, they did so as conquering hero’s, no TD was allowed to one of the leagues most explosive offensive units.

In fact, just one of the Super Bowl Champions was selected for the pro bowl (more proof that this event is broken). Hopefully, the title of world champions will earn this team a little respect.