June 15, 2021

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Brady vs. Brees Take Two

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Image Credit: nfl.com

As we settle in to watch the 2nd round of Brady vs. Brees 2020 on NBC’s Sunday Night Football … keep in mind that these great QB’s are leading two of the main QB career record categories —- all-time TD passes and all-time passing yards.

As of this writing, Tom Brady (561) has one more career TD pass than Brees (560). Peyton Manning is third on that list with 539, then Brett Favre (508) and Dan Marino (420).

As far as career passing yards: Brees leads with 79,314 to Brady’s 76,760. Manning, Favre, and Marino follow, respectively.

Other records see Brady & Brees atop several lists, including Career Passes Completed: Brees (7,052), Brady (6,581). – Career Passing Attempts: Brees (10,414), Brady (10,296).

The two 40+year-old legendary QB’s will surely go back-n-forth on these all-time NFL record lists throughout this truly unique 2020 season.

The fact that these guys have endured the test of time says a lot about each player. Obviously, Brady, who has 6 Super Bowl Titles, is by far the most accomplished QB in NFL history. Brees only has one Super Bowl title. I say “only” like winning a Super Bowl is an easy thing to do, but it’s actually the most difficult thing in football. 

So, who do you think is the best QB ever? Is it Brady? Or Brees? Or the likes of Johnny Unitas, Dan Marino, or Peyton Manning? Do we have to justify the “best ever” with how many Super Bowl Titles a QB wins? Or is it how he can manage the game as a field general?

One thing for sure is that we are so lucky as fans to be able to watch these two legends battle again on the gridiron on Sunday Night Football. Going into this divisional rivalry the Bucs are 6-2, with the Saints not far behind at 5-2.

The winner of the NFC South certainly will have the advantage going into the playoffs. – Got my gumbo and Cuban sandwiches ready for another great game! My prediction: Bucs 29, Saints 17.

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