May 5, 2021

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The stage is set for Ronald Jones, will he show?

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Keeping tabs on Mr. Jones:

One of the things I’ve been writing about from week to week in this Historic Pandemic laced season is Ronald Jones II. Truly this is the season he must make HIS! The Opportunities to showcase his talent have been bitten into by Leonard Fournette. Mr. Fournette, though, will be sitting this week out due to an ankle injury. If he’s going to make his worth in this league known, his best chance to do so would be now, with less competition for carries while Fournette is out. So far in his NFL career, he hasn’t done much to draw attention. The most news-worthy thing he has accomplished so far in Tampa was probably his disappearing act in his rookie season. There were some glimpses last season of a player that could actually be as good as his Billing when He was drafted in the second round two seasons ago out of Southern Cal. His ability to do more of what he did last season and make it a more common occurrence during the season is a must.

One of the Bucs Running Backs needs to step up consistently.

Running backs aren’t kept around for very long when they can’t make things happen. He’s, surely, not going to get five years to correct whatever is stopping the flash and the chunks of gained yardage. He must show he is capable of carrying out the explosiveness and quickness he’s was known for in College. Nobody knows exactly what will happen with Fournette beyond this season in Tampa. If he is able to have more games like he had against Carolina. Produce a thousand-yard season or contribute mightily in the passing game, I’m sure both sides will try to find a way to get a deal done, which depending on the terms of that deal, could spell the end of Jones in Tampa. The Bucs, I’m sure, would love to have one of the two; step up and separate themselves from the other. Jones must know that this is his cowbell year. He needs to start ringing that sucker loud and clear.

A productive day Sunday against the Chargers really is a must.

Clicking out over a hundred yards on the ground, impressive receiving numbers, a couple of touchdowns, no fumbles, or dropped passes, and picking up his blocking assignments, are all a must if he is going to catch Arians’ eye and approval. Jones wasn’t drafted to be so-so. Wasn’t brought to Tampa to be mediocre and fairly unremarkable. We already had that in Peyton Barber, and we don’t need another one after the original was not re-signed for this season and moved on to that football team in the Nation’s Capital. Not that Barber didn’t do some good things from time to time, he had some moments. But, when you go down to the specialty European Sports-car Dealership and purchase one of those sleek machines that’s hard to spell, you expect to be leaving most of the pack in your dust. When that performance disappoints on the open highway and leaves you feeling like you’re driving a run of the mill Camaro, with high mileage and a knocking from under the hood. It makes it a little difficult to continue making those high payments.

A 78 Camaro, or a European Stallion?

The same is true of Ronald Jones and his salary. One Buc will not keep paying him for mediocre. He either starts showing he is a difference-maker, or he’s going to fall to the wayside and end up down at the County Auction hoping, praying for a second chance somewhere. Now is the time to do it while you still have the chance to smoke some tires. More NFL Fans this season will be watching our Bucs than having watched us in many years. We’re getting much more air time. Everything is primed and ready for Jones to rip it up. So show out Jones, have fun, use your skills and show the Chargers who you are, show Arians and your team-mates you can be the man when called on. Put that running game on your shoulders, and carry the load. Account for yourself and your abilities on Sunday rise to the occasion because there will come a day when “the usual” just won’t cut it anymore. That day is coming sooner than you realize Mr. Jones. The time is now! It’s your show against the Chargers. Impress us, please. Go Bucs!!

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