May 9, 2021

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Brady to Bounce Back in Week 2

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Image Credit: Derick E. Hingle | USA TODAY Sports

Tom Brady threw two interceptions, including one pick-six in the Buccaneers week one game against the Saints. Is it time to panic in Tampa? Absolutely not. It was week one, on the road against one of the teams that many people consider to be one of the top five teams in the NFL. This was his first game with a new team, with all-new player personnel, in a new system, with no preseason, after having to learn a new playbook. One aspect that didn’t help was that Mike Evans wasn’t completely healthy for week one.

As the season goes on, Brady and the Bucs WR core will continue to gain trust in one another and get their timing down. Another issue that didn’t help Brady against New Orleans was that Donovan Smith played his worst game in his time with the Bucs, so Brady didn’t get the time and protection that he needed.

Brady’s first interception had to do with bad timing between him and Evans, as well as confusion on Evans’ route, topped with poor protection, which caused Brady to have to get the ball out sooner than he wanted, which caused the errant throw. The second one was definitely on Brady. The ball was thrown behind Scotty Miller, and Brady stared him down right from the snap.

Tom Brady should fare much better against the Panthers in week two, especially since Carolina has a rookie head coach in Matt Rhule this is only Teddy Bridgewater’s second game with all of the same circumstances that plagued Brady in week one. It also plays in the Bucs favor that Luke Kuechly has retired.

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