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Image Credits: LeSean McCoy: As I Look At This Team, I Don't See Any Flaws | Press Conference 8/27/20 | Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The last few days have definitely been shaking up the entire sporting world. With the Milwaukee Bucks leading the charge with the boycott, other leagues have taken the same tune whether it involved canceling games or practices, the message has remained the same, THERE NEEDS TO BE A CHANGE AND JUSTICE FOR JACOB BLAKE, BREONNA TAYLOR TO JUST NAME A FEW.

Yesterday LeSean McCoy spoke with reporters and used his platform to speak from the heart during his post-practice interview. When asked if the team has held any social justice conversations, McCoy had this to say:

“we’re hurt. We’re hurt with everything we’re seeing and that we constantly keep seeing. We want an answer, but as a group, that’s something we’ve got to talk about. What’s the best way to get our message across and be productive? We don’t want to just say these things, say this, say that. We want to actually go out there and be productive, and as a unit, as a group of all colors and all teammates to try to make a difference.”

Head Coach Bruce Arians also spoke about players making that change by doing more than just boycotting. That being said; yes players do have a voice and platform and need to continue to use it to bring these issues to light, what truly needs to happen is ALL 32 owners need to step up and show solidarity with their players and coaches. When asked about his thoughts on other athletes around the sporting world using their platforms to speak up, McCoy had this to say:

“We have a platform and a voice. We want to make clear that, ‘Hey, this is not OK.’ People love to just kick back, watch the games, and enjoy themselves. For them, that’s like a time of rejoice or a time to relax. So, why not make that clear at that time, ‘Hey, we know people love to watch games, but right now there’s a bigger issue so there won’t be games. I could see their message that they were trying to paint, to get across, and  awareness. It’s so wrong. There are so many great things about this country, but certain things we can’t take over and over and over again. I think a lot of ballplayers are really just stating how they feel by using their voice, using their platform by constantly – over and over – addressing it.”

So far there are no plans for McCoy or any Buccaneers’ member planning to boycott, but there is definitely a lot that NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED properly from ownership and the league to show the players that are truly are more than just athletes because, at the end of the day, THIS IS MORE THAN JUST SPORTS.

#BlackLivesMatter #JusticeForJacobBlake

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