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Why Brady Chose Tampa Bay

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Image Credits: Kim Klement | USA TODAY Sports

It is obvious that the Bucs have one of the best offensive units in the league and the ability to win now. This made Brady’s free agency decision an easy one. In an article on written by Darren Hartwell, he talks about Brady’s decision to join the Bucs. Brady – is quoted as saying, “I thought long and hard about making the decision,” Brady told King. “I put a lot of really careful thought into everything that I really valued. I probably listed 20 different things that were important. I had a weighted scale of what was not so important.”

“When I added it up, Tampa seemed like it was a great opportunity. If I think back at the decision, I am so happy with the decision I made.”

Brady indeed made the right decision to not only be successful somewhere outside of New England. But if he wins another Super Bowl with the Bucs, as Tampa Bay has been given the fourth-best odds to win it all this year, it would undoubtedly solidify Brady’s status as the G.O.A.T.!

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