June 25, 2021

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Anticipation: Making me wait!

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As the offseason continues and the players prepare for the regular season, I’m probably like thousands of other fans, waiting for time to pass and the action to begin! As I type this, I’m still waiting for my Tom Brady jersey and my pre-order of Madden to come.

Yes, I’m a Brady fan! I like the players we’ve put together too! With all that has transpired this year, it’s a good feeling seeing the NFL keeping the sean on! Players running, catching, etc. gives people hope, I believe! Life is more than sports, but sports are a part of life! A lot of life lessons are taught and learned on and off the field or court; lessons on how to be a graceful winner, and humility in a loss.

For my Buccaneers, I’m really looking forward to hearing the announcers yell out, “Touchdown! Tampa Bay! And, “Bucs win!”
On paper, we look very good, but they play on the field, not paper, so I’m hoping that Brady and the entire team put full attention to detail and don’t take anything for granted! It’s been a long time since our Bucs have been relevant, and now the spotlight is in full-beam, right on Tampa! Hopefully, we start strong and never let up! Go Bucs!

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