May 18, 2021

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No Fans in Nawlins For Week One

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The New Orleans Saints are easily one of Bucs Fan’s most hated rivals, but the city, the cuisine, and the game atmosphere in the Super Dome are something that many Bucs Fans absolutely love! But due to COVID-19, there will not be any fans in the seats for Week One the Saints announced Wednesday evening. Sadly, this means that Brady and Gronk, as well as many other players, will make their NFL and team debut with no family or fans in the stands cheering them on.

Teams have already implemented a decrease in attendance all over the NFL, but many fans have begun to argue the fairness of some teams not having fans and others having up to 25% capacity. Could there be a change coming soon? The Packers have already altered their week one and two attendances to zero, and the Raiders and Washington’s football have already stated that there will be no fans at home games this year. This is going to be an NFL season that no one will forget, and the ball hasn’t even been kicked off yet.






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