June 25, 2021

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Tom Brady doesn’t like unproven rookie WRs?

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Image Credits: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

An article written by Patriots Wire in 2019 stated that Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady has an interesting take on young, unproven wide receivers. Citing an interview, Brady did with sports radio network WEEI the then Patriots QB made an interesting statement.

“I’ve always said that the best teammates are the ones I have to think about least because I don’t want to expend my mental energy on things that aren’t really my job.”

Tom Brady has an affinity for veterans because of plug and play. The article also said that Brady did spend a lot of time instructing the new talent in practice, but this does raise an interesting question about his feelings towards the WR3 position in the Buccaneers roster: What does it mean for the WR depth behind Mike Evans and Chris Godwin?

This is a pressing matter with the lack of OTAs, the preseason dwindled down, and private practice reduction(Brady still conducts his own) because behind the 2 veteran WRs is a buffet of unproven guys. Scotty Miller would have an edge because of his speed and display of ball skills before blowing a hamstring, but he still wouldn’t be classified as “proven” like former Buccaneers WR turned Titan Adam Humphries was. Justin Watson has had consistency struggles even with his strength at times and still needs to develop if/when he’s ever going to be seen as more than a situational receiver. Then there’s 5th rounder Tyler Johnson that some believed would be a 2nd round selection in a historically deep WR draft class, who has yet to see any sort of practice in a Buccaneer uniform.

So who would be the preference here? Will Brady turn a player into a project for his 3rd go to? Will the Buccaneers find a cheap veteran? The clock is ticking.

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