Tue. Jul 14th, 2020

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Scotty Miller hauls in the biggest catch of his life

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Second-year speedster ties the knot

Acquired in the sixth round of last seasons NFL Draft, his rookie season wasn’t anything to get excited about. He’s expecting better things this season from the new-look Buccaneers with Tom Brady at the helm. He’s not the only one either. Miller must have been counting on it, for he started getting this season started just right. He married his fiance on June 6th (Per Jenna Laine of ESPN on Twitter), bringing in the biggest catch of his life before the season even starts. All of us at Bucs Life Media wish both of them nothing but the best in their future together. The couple will have a formal wedding with family and friends in April of next year.

Older news worth mentioning again

In another bit of news concerning Scotty Miller and getting the season started off right, Miller was spotted at Berkeley Prep in Town & Country, Florida working out with Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Cameron Brate, O.J. Howard, and quarterbacks Blaine Gabbert and Ryan Griffin the 19th of last month. 

Getting it right

Here’s hoping they are getting some timing down and learning each other’s tendencies. I’m sure Miller already knows those things about his new Bride. It looks like everyone is going to be on the same page when this season finally get ‘s rolling. It will be fun to see Scotty burning cornerbacks on the way to some long after the catch touchdowns. I’m also looking forward to Ronald Jones having a few of those screen passes turn into long touchdowns. It seems like Brady has been doing that for the longest. We’re ready in Tampa for some of that. Bring it on Brady, Scotty Miller is open down the middle. Again we offer best wishes to our second-year speedster and his new bride. Go Bucs!!


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