April 18, 2021

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Opinion Editorial: 2020 is different for sure in Bucs Nation

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Image Credits: Cliff Welch | Petwer Report

When the 2019 season ended for the Bucs, it was the beginning of a ride that no Bucs fan was prepared to take. On March 20th, the team announced the signing of Tom Brady, and then on April 21st, the team announced the acquisition of tight end Rob Gronkowski.

There may only be two rounds complete in the draft, but one thing is for sure, the Bucs are gaining plenty of attention from media. Experts have been awarding the Bucs winning draft grades as they did the expected and drafted some protection for the G.O.A.T. when they drafted Iowa’s tackle Tristan Wirfs.

In the second round, the Bucs did as expected as they drafted 5’9 safety Antoine Winfield Jr, who’s father spent 14 seasons as an NFL safety. With their third-round selection, the Bucs did what some expected and drafted Vanderbilt running back Ke’Shawn Vaughn, who many Bucs fans alike learned of the prospect through a quick Google or YouTube search.

Now one thing I must admit, is I’ve been a Bucs fan since way back in the creamsicle and Old Sombrero days, and I still can’t remember a time the media, “experts”, and fans were on the same page cheering the picks and handing out winning grades. It’s amazing and almost comical to see that it only took bringing in 2 top-tier players to help gives fans confidence in Jason Licht’s ability to draft, especially in the second round. Whatever the case, as a fan, we need to enjoy the moment.

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