April 22, 2021

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Florida Man: Tom Brady

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Exclusive Image created for Bucs Life Media | By Shooter & the Stache

Shortly after making his move to the Bay area, Tom Brady seems to be quickly adapting to the “Florida Man” way of life. For those of you that are unfamiliar we recommend that the grown-ups go and check out the recent Florida Man animation by our friends over at Shooter & the Stache(below).

What many might not realize is that the state of Florida is internationally famed for its episodes of bizarre law-breaking, including assault with an alligator and being under the influence of drugs and or alcohol while operating a ride-on-lawnmower. Tom Brady’s recent brush with the authorities fits the description perfectly as he was requested to leave a downtown park by an on-duty park staff member.

As information has been clarified on this matter, it appears that Brady was attempting to make use of a closed park to workout and stay in shape, ready for the upcoming season. However, not even the GOAT is excused from current social distancing laws.

This will ultimately be nothing but a funny story for Brady to tell in years to come but for someone who, outside of football-related alleged controversies, has maintained a squeaky clean image with state, and federal law this is a departure from the Tom Brady we know. As concluded in the recent Shooter and the Stache, maybe there’s just something in the water in the sunshine state?

We’d like to echo the City of Tampa’s recent tweet that we can’t wait to see Brady on the field but please, stay home and stay safe.

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