February 28, 2021

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Fire The Cannons: The Best Voice in the NFL.

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Image Credits: Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Buccaneers.com

We all know Deckerhoff for saying “FIRE THE CANNONS” on the radio for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with Dave Moore. Deckerhoff is also the voice of the Florida State Seminoles and also has commentated games for the Tampa Bay Storm and Orlando Predators for arena football. Deckerhoff has been the voice of the Seminoles since 1979 and became the voice of the Bucs in 1989, during football season you would think he holds a hectic schedule to make it from Tallahassee to Tampa, but it is a short drive from Tallahassee to Tampa.

Deckerhoff also makes the away games when he would have a Seminoles road game on Saturday, and the Bucs could have a road game on the west coast, he still manages to make it. Gene was born and raised in Jacksonville and attended The University of Florida in Gainesville, and even though he is the voice of the Seminoles, he has said many times that he has no love for the Gators. Before he started covering both the FSU and Tampa Bay games, he worked out his schedule with legendary Seminoles coach Bobby Bowden due to the scheduling of the Bobby Bowden show, and Coach Bowden was more than okay with him covering the Bucs games.

During his time in Tallahassee, he has seen a lot of championships. He witnessed three National Championships and twelve ACC Championships during the Bobby Bowden era. Since then, he has been the voice of the Bucs, he witnessed Super Bowl XXXVII during the 2002 season, and a lot of his most famous calls came from the time Warren Sapp and Derrick Brooks led the Tampa 2 defense. My most favorite calls from Deckerhoff are in reference to Warren Sapp, such as “SACKED BY SAPP” and “BIG NUMBER 99”. My most favorite call from Deckerhoff in the Super Bowl was the touchdown pass from Brad Johnson to Keenan McCardell “3,2,1 “TOUCHDOWN TAMPA BAY.”

After a Buccaneers victory, Deckerhoff is known for the saying, “BUCS WIN! BUCS WIN! BUCS WIN! FIRE THE CANNONS!” When I watch the Bucs play, I listen to the Bucs radio network, and I mute the TV to listen to him and Dave Moore on the call. There is only one voice in all of the NFL that I will always honor and that is Gene Deckerhoff.

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