February 25, 2021

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Buccaneers covering all the bases in Winston situation. (Opinion Editorial)

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Hall Of Fame Choices

One thing is for sure, while almost nothing is, the Bucs won’t be caught with their pants down in the Contract Waltz with Jameis Winston. We don’t even know who is playing the lead in this dance. What we do know is that per Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times is that Clyde Christensen has been saddled with working up scouting reports on the three Hall of Fame quarterbacks that enter free agency in 2020. I think we can probably cross Brady and Brees off the list right now. Brady will probably be retained by New England, because that’s where he has always been and where he was anointed G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All-Time) after being ringed on six of his ten digits. History won’t flow quite right if he ends up elsewhere. Add to that the fact that the Patriots couldn’t be in better hands in 2020 than Brady. Where would they find anyone clearly better? I would look for the Pats to sign Brady to a two-year deal, and draft a quarterback.

Two of the three will stay put?

The other quick scratch, Brees may or may not retire this season. Nothing is final until it’s announced, but it has been reported that Drew Brees is weighing options for broadcasting after he does retire. If he does come back for one more go at it, I don’t see it being with another team. Like Brady, he’s very much a part of his team’s home town. I’m only playing the odds, so I could be wrong, but I would be very surprised if either Brady or Brees left their current teams.

Rivers the best fit for Tampa

Then there is Rivers. His situation is crystal clear. The Chargers have said they are moving on from their Canton hopeful. In turn, Phillip Rivers has already left the state and moved his family to north Florida. Rivers to Tampa actually makes a lot of sense because of the other nugget that Rick Stroud dropped on his readers. According to Rick Stroud, the Buccaneers are believed to be looking to select a quarterback in the draft to be the backup and to learn under the starter for a year or two. Rivers gets behind center with the surrounding talent the Bucs have, and I could see him with some strong stats and being a winner here. We could find more success than what we have had in the last five years by signing Rivers to a two-year deal. He takes the rookie quarterback under his wing for two years, and then the young man would take over in year three. Don’t expect the quarterback selection in the draft to come in the first round, although it is a possibility. I’m thinking that somebody on their board will slip to the second round and possibly beyond. There will still be good players to choose from in rounds 2-3 at quarterback.

Winston probably stays one more year if not longer

After saying all of that, chances are, the Bucs future at quarterback this next season is going to be Jameis Winston. Much has been rumored. The strongest one being that Winston is being signed to a longer-term fat contract. I refuse to believe, even with the past decisions that have been made over at One Buc, that ownership would tie themselves to Winston for any long term money commit. I would expect sound ownership to tag Jameis Winston for 2020, then Draft a quarterback, and let the chips fall where they may after next season.

Former NFL players urge Bucs to wrap Winston up long term

Because truly it doesn’t matter how many former QB’s, booth announcers, NFL stars of yore say that Tampa should lock Winston up for the long term, all that goes to show is that their opinions are less sound than my own, being spoken without an inside weekly view of the spectacle that is Jameis Winston. What else could explain such terribly unsound football advice? I truly have no doubt that history will bare my judgment to be wise and solid. Full of myself? Not at all, but I long ago learned to trust my football judgment, and it’s based in common football sense, a very strong knowledge of the game, and talent evaluation, with a nose for the unseen. I’m not swayed by Winston’s big numbers or moments of greatness. His five thousand yards don’t impress me in the least. Not when his biggest flaw makes him one of the worst quarterbacks in the league. When you have a player that is very good and also very bad, the bad should always take precedence over the very good no matter what; especially when the bad has only gotten worse in the five seasons he has been here.

Wrapping up

While I do not buy what Winston is selling, nothing would make me happier than for him to finally repay the Bucs for their almost blind faith in him. I don’t care who the quarterback is for this team as long as they are a winner and can be trusted and counted on in tough times. Nobody is perfect, but you have to be able to have faith in the most important position on the team. When you don’t know what you are going to get from moment to moment, that is unacceptable and impossible. It is also a serious impediment to this team, realizing it’s potential. I’d love to be proven wrong about Winston. Hear that Jameis? Make me look the fool. Nothing would make me happier, I swear! Go Bucs!!

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