July 25, 2021

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We Can Win!

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Image Credit: Kim Klement | USA TODAY Sports

Head Coach Bruce Arians said that we can win with any quarterback. “With another quarterback? Oh yeah, we can win with this one, we can win with another one too, because we’re going to have this defense.”

I agree with him even though Jameis threw an ungodly amount of interceptions, which to be honest, made my blood boil. But I did see growth in this team as a whole!

But, but, but… no buts. Growing in any part of life takes time and in us, patience! Patience DOESN’T just, “get assigned” it happens through perseverance.

I was told by my RA in bible college, “If you pray for patience, expect trials!” In other words, we can’t just “get” patience!

I bring this up because some in our fanbase are not patient! I realize that it’s been bad, really bad for a long, long time!

Are we to just give up? Not just in football, but life? I don’t understand some people and how they think it’s okay to just lambaste anyone, especially those they say they are “supporting”. We can’t support someone by cutting them down. Doing something like that to my daughter wouldn’t lift her up, it would devastate her!

I know, “you have the right” to express your opinion… yes you do, but is it really necessary, or is it beneficial?

This Coach, staff, and team ARE different from the ones in recent years. They deserve the time and patience from their true fans!

Let’s not do the friendly fire, but instead, build one another up in our common cause!

As usual, Go Bucs!

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