November 27, 2022

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Jameis Winston’s Future in Tampa?

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Image Courtesy of Cliff Welch/ Cliff Welch Photography/ Pewter Report

Much disagreement

No matter which side of the argument you are on, you don’t have to look far for a battle. Whether you are an avid supporter, or a “run him out of town” kinda guy, the feelings usually run deep. Nothing gets Bucs’ fans at each other’s throats like a discussion on JW. You can see some truth in both sides of the argument. At times he is on fire and good as anything going, and other times, he’s melting down and handing out footballs. So confusing sometimes are his extremes. One thing’s for sure, bring up his name around Bucs Fans, and you can get a conversation, at the very least, like it or not.

*Opinion Editorial*

Best option available

Despite the drama associated with Jameis, the fact of the matter is that his future beyond this year is probably still with the Buccaneers. There have been reports that the Bucs are moving on from Jameis, and even if that is true, there is no other option for next year that is a better one than Jameis Winston. If they go out and draft a quarterback in next year’s draft, no matter who it is, chances are very slim that the rookie could outplay Winston in his first year. Jameis Winston knows the offense and has a rapport with the receivers.

Like it or hate it, he’s probably not going anywhere

Whatever Arians and Licht decide for the long-term-future at quarterback, Winston will likely remain here another year or two at least. So, look for the Bucs to possibly use the Franchise Tag on Winston, if a long-term contract can’t be agreed upon. Keeping him here at least another year would make it a lot easier for everyone. There have been rumors of a long-term contract in the works. All the while, ESPN, and others are saying that’s not the case, and that his future here appears over. I know one thing though, when they call a press conference to announce what they are actually doing, then we will know for sure. Until then, you are going to hear the “he’s gone, he’s staying,” back and forth. Personally, I don’t believe he has shown that he can wrangle in the interception problem, and until that time, he cannot be trusted in my book. Whatever happens many will be thrilled, and many will be very upset, but chances are he will not be going anywhere. Go Bucs!