September 26, 2021

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Acountability: Ronald Jones II Benched vs Jaguars

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Photo Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

You may have noticed that Ronald Jones II was not around following the midway point of the third quarter during yesterday’s beating of the Jacksonville Jaguars. The reason for this is because of a mistake he made. He missed a block that resulted in a Buccaneer turnover. As simple as it is for many to forgive one missed block assignment, Bruce Arians is not so forgiving.
Jones II missed a block, so he sat on the bench.

Despite Jones II, improving his confidence and his running ability over the offseason, he had not improved on his pass blocking. The second-year man out of USC has struggled with blocking for quite some time.

Jones carried the ball just six times for 8 yards while Peyton Barber handled most of the run snaps, carrying the football 17 times for 44 yards and scoring twice.

Following yesterday’s big win over the Jaguars, Bruce Arians was asked about the disappearance of  Ronald Jones II, and this is what he had to say, “Peyton had the hot hand. He was out there making plays, and he did a better job in the blitz pickup. RoJo missed a blitz pickup, and that’s it. You don’t get to play no more. It’s simple.”

Arians is all about accountability, and you have already witnessed that this year with the benching of Vernon Hargreaves III for poor play, which ultimately lead to his release. Not saying Jones II is heading down that same path, but he better start picking up his blocking assignments.