July 1, 2022

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It’s Almost Like They Are Listening to Me

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About 5-6 days ago, before the Seahawks game, I did an article on RoJo needing to become a bigger part of the offensive game plan as well as calling for Ronald Jones to be made the starter.

As if on cue, the Bucs made Jones the starter against the Seahawks and given him more touches than they had in the previous three games. Great move Bucs! I’m down with it for sure.

While I’ve got their ear, I’d like to add one more thing: It would be great, I mean just awesome; if this week Jones could get a little more groundwork. Also, let’s get him the ball through the air if you would. Between 15-20 yards downfield, and let him break a long one. Thanks, guys.

There is just so much untapped potential with Ronald Jones, and for me, it’s very exciting to sit here and daydream about it. It will take some pressure off of Jameis Winston knowing the offense isn’t on just his shoulders, that his arm doesn’t have to do it all.

As Jones becomes better with experience, he will warrant more attention from defenses, which will only make things better for our receivers and tight ends. The emergence of Jones as a star will make the entire offense as a group that much better. There is only one mistake they can make, and that is to forget about Jones and again take his touches down to almost nothing. 

Expanding his role is the way to go. 

20-30 touches between run and receiving would be about perfect, in my opinion, by fluctuating plays based on game situations. Because you may be playing from behind, it doesn’t mean you can’t still throw to Jones. The right screen pass could become a 30 to 50 yard or more gain quickly when it comes to RoJo.

Let’s all hope his piece of the pie gets even bigger with his start this week against Arizona. Go Bucs!!