July 1, 2022

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Devin White: No Problems Under The Hood

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Photo Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Truly Impressed

I’d like to think that most people watching the Bucs game Sunday in Seattle were impressed like I was when Devin White absolutely trucked down Chris Carson from behind and forced a fumble. White hustled 60 yards, completely surprising Carson, who thought he was dancing in the end zone already, knocking the ball loose, and out of bounds. I have to mention here, that the only other player giving pursuit on the play was Vernon Hargreaves, who White just beat getting to Carson. (Hargreaves was further down the line, covering the right side wideout). There is no doubt that when a linebacker, behind the developing play with his back to it, being held, can turn himself around and chase down a running back over 60 yards and force a fumble, is special. He’s got another gear that most at his position do not come close to having.

Not Sanders, but that’s a rarity

It’s true that Chris Carson isn’t Barry Sanders or Adrian Peterson in his prime, but he is a running back, and he isn’t slow. White’s ability and the faith in his ability is what lead him to give pursuit and catch Carson, to begin with. It’s also probably true that the lack of that same ability in most players is what lead Carson to not finish out the play at full speed. He didn’t think anyone was catching him, but we all know what assuming can lead to.

Special starting to show

Over the last couple of weeks, we have begun to see Devin White make a play here and make a play there, not just any old average play, but a play that can change the outcome of a game. He knocked the ball loose in the Titans’ game that the Bucs scooped up and scored on. Unfortunately, and wrongly, the refs called it a dead ball, which negated the game-winning touchdown. Had the ball stayed in bounds in the Seahawks game, who knows what would have been the outcome, but White prevented a touchdown on the return. He’s done his job and then some. He’s beginning to show that he is the player the Bucs thought he was.

Confidence, the driving force

My point is this, although it hasn’t been an instant transition of talent to the NFL, it is a process that is gaining traction, and starting to show up on game days. There is nothing other than an injury that should slow him down either. Little, by little, he will continue to get better, and more confident. Often the amount of speed and ability among all players on the field in the NFL can surprise any player, no matter the talent of the individual. Confidence is usually what most rookies lack because they have been taken a bit about. The stronger the overall mental and physical makeup of a player normally determiner how quickly their confidence builds and therefore allowing that talent to transition to the level it should be. We are seeing that now in Devin, and it will only get easier for him as his experience grows. Hopefully, we are seeing him begin to transition into a full-grown beast. A beast is what we drafted, and we can see some of that right now. It’s so much fun watching the kids grow up, even in the NFL. Go Bucs!!