July 1, 2022

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Photo Credit: Buccaneers.com

Like many Buc fans, I share your frustrations.

The Bucs sank to 2-6 and in heartbreaking fashion. After putting up 34 points on one of the league’s top teams, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers still lost. With head coach Bruce Arians’ old team coming to Tampa next week, the Bucs will again try to put some respectability on this failed season. The Bucs have still to play to awful Atlanta Falcons and hopes that those games can be won. Beating the Cardinals and sweeping the Falcons could mean this team makes 5-11 for the 3rd time in 3 years. Maybe sneak a win against another team down the stretch?

That won’t happen for a simple reason.

Jameis Winston is solely to blame for all the faults of this team. No matter how hard the team plays, Winston is always there to gift a first down or a TD to the other team. The way he’s consistently out of position and dropping the ball when it comes his way, or just outright getting burned by his receiver. It’s pretty clear where the blame lies.

Sorry, I’m just getting information over my earpiece…..

Oh! It appears that Jameis Winston doesn’t play WR or LT or DB.

That’s right fans!

Jameis Winston played his behind off. He played a pretty great game and got stripped by his own LT. The offense did everything needed to win a game of football.

The real reason for this loss?

The defense.

Being unable to make stops, when needed, is the hallmark of a great defense. Being able to get off the field and make crucial stops is the sign of a good defense.

Not being able to stop traffic at a red light?

Yep, that’s the Buccaneers.

Until this defense is sorted, this will always be a losing team, and that needs to get sorted quick.

Settle down Winston haters I’m sure you’ll have the fuel for your fire of rage soon enough, but this game isn’t it. If Jameis plays like that with a competitive defense, the Buccaneers are a perennial contender each year. I have been on the record several times saying time to move on from Winston, but this isn’t the time. The defense needs to step up and step up now.