December 6, 2023

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Time to silence these Jameis haters

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First off, before I call out you Winston boo-boys, let’s just stop and rejoice that our Bucs beat defending NFC champ L.A. Rams 55-40 improving to 2-2 (1-0 NFC South). #GoBucs


Jameis Winston, had an outstanding game, going 28 for 41 for 385 yards. He had 1 interception (pick 6 to Marcus Peters in the 4th quarter). He also threw 4 touchdowns and ended the day with 120.5 QBR. Not too bad of a stat to carry in a game that saw 95 total points.

You fair weathers really have all this complaining to do for a quarterback who simply lead your team to victory. Enough of the complaints on a guy who’s putting up passing touchdowns. And for the love of God, he put up 4 passing touchdowns (24 points total). So, let’s do some math. 24 points in a 55 point game.

*Rams QB Goff 45/68 517 yards 2 TD and 3 INT to make a comparison.*

Quit making excuses

*The defense bailed him out. Well, they had 1 defensive touchdown that happened 2 series after the pick-six.

*Our backs only scored twice which is awesome, but that was in the first half.

*And Gay went 2/2 on field goals and 7/7 on extra points (which 2 were blocked last week) totaling 13 points.

So what’s the issue?

Either grow up and support your team (Quarterback included), or just stop watching until he’s no longer under center.

2019 Stats: 

On the season Winston is 60% (59-98) on his passes with 1167 yards, 9 TD and 5 INT and has a 95.8 QBR. WOW, HE MUST SUCK! NOT!

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