December 4, 2022

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Give ROJO The Rock…

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Who should be the starting running back this week?

When I looked at the numbers that Payton Barber and Ronald Jones have put up, it could go either way to me.

Barber has 44 attempts 163 yards 1 TD with a 3.7 average per carry.

Jones has 31 attempts 164 yards 0 TD with an average per carry of 5.3.

In my opinion, both could start, and we’d be fine, but ROJO has fewer attempts in getting those yards and has been running extremely hard. I would give him the nod!

Jameis Winston had this to say about ROJO in his press conference,

“He has been working his tail off all offseason, and it’s showing. He has to continue what he’s doing. ROJO has been dominating, and I’m going to continue giving him the rock!”

The Bucs needed to score more in the second half, and the kicker needs to make kicks, but our running game is improving!

Our team has been crap for some time now, this is a process, and we really should be more patient, but it’s difficult!

Now onto the Rams game!

Go Bucs!!!!!!