December 7, 2023

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Bucs & JPP Prepare for the Future.

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After a season where JPP finally eclipsed double-digit sacks, fans were understandably upset to learn about Pierre-Paul’s accident in the preseason.

How were the Bucs going to generate a pass rush?

That question seems to have been answered emphatically in the shape of Shaq Barrett, who has 8 sacks already, and it seems that both JPP and the Bucs are looking ahead to the future. That seems a future apart.

As per Field Yates, ESPN insider, the Buccaneers, and Jason Pierre-Paul have reworked the contract in a way that helps both sides. The Buccaneers save about $4.4M on this year’s cap, and JPP gets to hit Free Agency in March.

Whilst this might look simple and straight forward, it is anything but, and has given both parties freedom and flexibility going into the future. For example;

Should Jason Pierre-Paul not play this year or ever again for that matter, the Bucs are not on the hook for a dead contract going into next year. This also gives JPP the option to rehab and sign with anyone he wants. This also doesn’t rule out being re-signed by the Bucs on a cheap 1-year prove-it deal.

This release in cap space can also be used by the Buccaneers to be players in the trade market before the deadline if they feel they can get better that way and the right player is available for the right price.

The main thing I take from this is that both sides are anticipating that Pierre-Paul might never play another down of football with that neck injury. But Tampa Bay fans might be ok with that as they still have a viable pass rush.


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