December 7, 2023

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One and Done

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[Image Credit: AP Photo/Jason Behnken]

5 points were left on the field against the Giants.

The difference was this; Tampa Bay 36 – New York 32

The Bucs record standing at 2-1 instead of 1-2 heading into the most crucial part of the season.

Matt Gay has to be placed on a very short leash, and one more missed game-winning kick will likely result in Gay taking that long quiet walk down the path to unemployment.

This isn’t a scapegoat piece, but kickers have one job in the NFL, and it’s a simple one; kick the football through the uprights.

Kicking has been described as hours of boredom followed by a few seconds of panic. It’s those kickers that can overcome this panic to make those pressure kicks that last. Matt Gay has shown he has the leg and accuracy in practice and in the preseason, the only problem is that those kicks don’t matter and if your kicker can’t perform when it does matter, then you don’t have a kicker.

Gay needs to rediscover his preseason form and rediscover it fast, otherwise, he will join a long list of kickers that have failed in Tampa.

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