December 4, 2023

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Not too long ago I wrote a piece about Buccaneers defensive back Vernon Hargreaves III. The piece accented the facts that the hungry and aggressive corner hadn’t lived up to his hype from the draft. So, I found it only fitting to tell you that things have really changed for Vernon in Todd Bowles system.

Now, we’re heading into week 3, so I’m not saying he’s pro bowl caliber yet, but if he keeps the action up he’s headed that way. So far, Hargreaves has accrued 15 tackles(12 of those in Carolina alone) and a pick 6 (first in his professional career). Credit: Pro Football Reference He’s playing tight and physical and making the play on his man when passes are thrown.

Now, before the naysayers jump in, hear me out: Catches will happen, it’s the job of the receivers to catch passes thrown their way and no DB in history breaks up every pass but so far opposing QBs have chosen to target Carlton Davis over Vernon Hargreaves most plays. That seems to be for good reason, he’s effective in this system. That’s something to get excited about.

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