December 4, 2023

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About Kendell Beckwith…

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Back in March, I wrote a short article on what was believed of Kendell Beckwith’s future. There was a Fear that Kendell Beckwith’s injury was career-ending

Scott Reynolds of Pewter Report, who was on hand at the combine earlier this year, also reported that the majority of belief is that Beckwith’s career was in jeopardy. 

“The news isn’t optimistic about Beckwith being able to play in 2019 just yet, either. The team even has some concerns that Beckwith’s injury might be career-ending, although they are holding out hope that something in his recovery will change for the better this offseason.”

Some went wild with Jenna Laine’s reply to one of her followers, citing that there was an update on Beckwith’s status and that he was likely done in the NFL.

The news was believed for a long time and Jenna Laine was just relaying what she had heard from one of her sources in response to a question asked on her twitter.

Via our Instagram post, which was for some reason removed by the handler, Jenna Laine clarified that she was just responding to a question.

Jenna Laine is an excellent source of news, is always on point, and we have great respect for her, however, some just write up whatever they see on Twitter as new information or updates. Fact is, there is nothing new to see here.

We wish Beckwith luck during his recovery, and if he decides to call it quits, we will understand and join him in his sadness.




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