December 6, 2023

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Devin White excited to play against Baker Mayfield

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Photo By: Scott Bradford | BucsLifeNews, LLC

Friday night will mark the first time Devin White will step on the same field as Cleveland Browns’ quarterback Baker Mayfield. White, our 2019 5th overall pick and a star for LSU, has never stood across the field from Mayfield, who was the 1st overall selection by the Browns in 2018.

When asked about having the opportunity to play against the former Oklahoma Sooner star and 2017 Heisman Trophy winner, White has this to say:

“I always wanted to play against him in college because he was really good. He’s very deserving of the number one pick. A lot of people were surprised. Now I get to go against one of the best, so I get to kind of see where I am as a player too.”

When asked about Baker’s enthusiasm White stated:

“I can talk a lot too, but I can back it up. I like playing against players who are confident in their abilities because I’m the same way too.”

Mayfield is expected to start Friday’s preseason game as is White so he will finally have the opportunity.

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