December 6, 2023

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Griffin: The Late Developer!

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A story all too familiar in Tampa, Ryan Griffin playing well in preseason and looking to make the roster.

For many fans, it feels too much like déjà vu and they feel that Griffin has reached the end of the gravy train. Paid handsomely for holding a clipboard without ever taking a regular-season snap. His evolution on the depth chart going from QB3 to QB2, and sometimes back to QB3. Not quite being trusted to lead the offense in live NFL action, but too good not to keep around.

A dull kind of limbo.

Head coach Bruce Arians has liked what he has seen so far and has remarked on Griffin’s play calling it “noteworthy!” Griffin has been on the fringes of the roster since being claimed by the Bucs and is just waiting for his chance. A story that isn’t so unfamiliar in the Bay Area for older fans. The name Kelly Holcomb might ring a few bells for older Buccaneers fans.

Holcomb was picked up by Tampa Bay in 1995 and played in just 5 games over 6 years. Signed by Cleveland, Holcomb would go on to play 10 games in 2002-2003 under Bruce Arians, Browns offensive coordinator. Speaking about his former QB “-it took him a few years to get his start, but when he did, he threw for 400!”

Arians went on to say about Ryan Griffin, “That’s the thing! When a guy’s been in the same system, he can really function for you!” The fact that Arians is talking about how impressive Griffin’s play has been, particularly in two-minute drills is a positive thing. Griffin might have been on the roster before, but like everyone else, he is learning a new system.

The battle for QB2 seems to be a genuine battle this year.
Do you trust Gabbert’s experience, or do you believe that Griffin just needs his chance?

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