December 4, 2023

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Mike Evans and Ronald Jones not at practice on Monday

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The Buccaneers are no stranger to the injury bug and it seems rather fond of them. Reports are that Mike Evans is a little worse for wear. Eduardo Encina of the Tampa Bay Times writes that Evans left practice on Sunday holding his quad after pulling down a deep pass. It would come as no real surprise to anyone that Mike Evans would be held out for the remainder of the preseason. At this point, it would probably be advisable.

The Bucs #2 running back Ronald Jones was also absent from practice Monday with reports of a sore knee. Pictures are circulating of Jones’s knee looking to be at an odd angle during the preseason game against Miami. While he did play in 1 other series during the game, he did not return after that drive. No doubt this is why the hungry running Dare Ogunbawle has moved up to 1st team snaps in practice.

While neither injury seems all that serious, we’ll keep an ear out if any other news unfolds.

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