September 27, 2023

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Jameis Winston is at his best.

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Jameis Winston seems to be where he needs to be and is lighting it up in practice. The buccaneers new stingy 3-4 defense gave Winston hell early on in practice, but now it seems our starting quarterback is unfazed by what’s being thrown at him.

Bruce Arians says that Winston had his best practices yet on Saturday and Monday, and according to JC Cornell, Jameis Winston is 12-1 in the past two days. That’s 12 touchdowns to one interception.

“Yeah, that’s two really, really solid days. This might’ve been his best day. I thought Saturday night was his best, but this might’ve even been better. I thought the offense came out with a little more energy than our defense did today and made some plays. We’ll grade the film to really see what really was out there, but I thought we had a lot of big plays, which I don’t like defensively, but I do like offensively.” –Bruce Arians

If Winston continues to play the way he is in practice during the regular season, then it seems that his job will be more than secure and he will be heading for a huge payout at the end of the season.

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