February 2, 2023

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Devin White’s impression of Jameis Winston

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Devin White chimes in with his impression of his counterpart on offense, Quarterback Jameis Winston.

“I say the thing that strikes me most about Jameis is his care for other people. You know he’s always willing to go above and beyond for everybody else and put everybody before himself. And just, how much he puts the team before himself, because even with us being here for the quarterback school, Jameis, when I get here he is like the first one in the building and when I leave – I called him the other day to use his truck to be able to transport some TVs and stuff from the store, and I was like, ‘ Where you at, are you coming from your house?’ He was like, ‘No. I’m still at the facility.’ So that lets you know how much he cares and how much he wants this team to succeed. He knows it starts with him because he’s the quarterback of the offense. So, I love seeing that approach from him, and it kind of lets me know where I need to be as a player too, being the quarterback of the defense.”

I have not been a big fan, or backer of Mr. Winston. His continued inability to stop the numerous mistakes in the form of turnovers, as well as his off-field problems just didn’t sit well with me. Then recently I saw a piece on the news. They were interviewing him, and he spoke of his son who just recently turned 1. I’m paraphrasing because I don’t remember his exact words. But, he spoke of how highly important it was to him, to never show his son anything, but the positive. He wants to be an example of all that is right, at all times. There was a determined, but not forced, honesty to him. He came off as genuine and real as I’ve ever seen anyone. I must admit, it caught me off guard. I wasn’t expecting that at all, because well like I said, I really didn’t like the guy. Pile on top of it, that I’m a diehard Gator, and you can see that it must have been pretty darn convincing to me.

Add to that his work ethic, his willingness to do, and help others in the community, and his teammates (like the above D. White comments), and it all adds up to an individual that has seen the light. We have all witnessed moments, from Jameis on the field that showed his potential, and what he can do with that talent of his. The problem is that he has never been able to string together enough of those moments before he regressed to the stupid mistakes, and that inability to be consistent is what leads most of his detractors to dislike him. I believe that Bruce Almighty and Byron Leftwich will be able to help him avoid those regressive tendencies, and string together multiple games of consistent play. So, I’m all aboard the Winston train of support this season. I hope for all our sake, and his, he can become the player we all hoped for when he was drafted. Devin White is a believer, and that’s a good thing. Go Bucs!!